Base Cabinets

Standard Base cabinets are 24” deep (out from the wall) and 34-1/2” in height (so with a 1-1/2” counter top the height is 36”) and have a 3” inset for the toe kick at the bottom.

Wall Cabinets

These are 12” deep and can come in heights of 30”, 36” or 42”. The reason for the variants in height is that ceiling heights vary and some people like to have the upper cabinets go up to the ceiling, others leave space at the tops of the cabinets, or want to install crown molding. When determining the height of the wall cabinets you will want to make sure there is 18” to 20” of clearance between the counter top and the bottom of the upper cabinets.



Typical pantries come in 84”, 90” or 96” heights and are 24” deep. These units are great for flexible storage because of the volume of goods they can hold and come with adjustable shelves. Sometimes they can replace a little storeroom.

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