How to Measure Your Kitchen

What Will We Need?

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ladder
  • Note pad

Now We Can Begin

Step 1: Using the grid we provide to establish the wall in your kitchen. (Grid download) Take a wall-to-wall measurement and double check your measurements.

Step 2: After you have measured all of the walls, you will need to get digital information for the doors and windows. You have to measure the overall door height, including trim, as well as the door swing( the same to windows ). It is often helpful to make a chart and label each window A, B, C to differentiate them.

Step 3: Your next step will be to measure the kitchen’s ceiling height. You will want to take the measurement in a few different areas to judge how level the floor is.

Step 4: Measure all other objects you need to consider in your kitchen and record them in your grid. 

Step 5: Choose your ideal layout.