About Us

We are committed to providing the highest quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets at staggeringly low prices. Come visit our showroom in Weston today!

We Are Committed to Quality

LaQ Kitchen and Bath is a family owned and operated company. We are committed to providing the highest quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets at reasonable and affordable prices. We believe this is the only way to give our customers the best service and a stress-free remodeling experience. We have our own manufacturer overseas, which is our most solid backing. We directly import our entire inventory of wood cabinets, effectively eliminating the middle-man markup. We only provide wood cabinets, that is why our products are cost-effective. In order to provide premium products, we select the materials and resources carefully and strictly, utilizing only the finest wood, high-standard wood working skills and high quality services. We hope your shopping experience with us to be an enjoyable process from start to the finish.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Products

All of our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are made from all-plywood construction and sold at wholesale prices. We strive to give you the highest quality and excellent products. 

Experienced Contractors

Our contractors and designers have over 10 years in the industry, helping hundreds of customers create their dream kitchen or bathroom. It is our goal to give you the best services possible. 

Satisfied Customers

It is our mission to provide our customers with the excellent customer service and exceed your expectations. We focus on detail, down to each and every screw, ensuring you are 100% satisfied.

About Our Wood Cabinets

All wood construction

High quality kitchen cabinets boxes are typically built of plywood. The strongest cabinets have full plywood sides and backs to stay square during deliver and installation, handle the weight of heavy counter tops, and resist damage from moisture. Plywood will bear weight over long periods of time, and is also much more resilient to damage such as blow-outs, dings and dents. Our cabinets are all made of 3/4” thick plywood for the boxes and doors are  built of 3/4”solid wood, which is one of the most strong construction in the market.

Soft-close, steel, 4-6 way adjustable hings

Our quality cabinet hinge has a soft close mechanism built into the nickel plated, hardened steel hinge. The hinge can be adjustable six ways: in-out, up-down and left-right so that the hinges can be adapted when cabinet doors expand and contract during seasonal changes.

Hardwood dovetail drawer boxes

Solid hardwood drawer boxes with dovetail joints and heavy plywood bottoms set the standard for quality American cabinetry because of their long-lasting durability and the beauty of the joint. Our high-quality hardwood drawer box have sides of 3/4”  thicker solid wood. The sides meet at dovetail joints, where the strength of the joint comes from the wood itself. 

Full-height back panel

The strongest cabinet construction uses a heavy (3/8”or more), full-plywood, full-back panel. This panel allows the cabinet to be directly attached to the studs of the wall at any point on the cabinet back. We use 3/4” thick of plywood for our full-height back panel, which will provide maximum installation convenience.

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